The security of a home can often be taken for granted. You fill your house with furniture, electronics and quality appliances. You live in a good neighborhood. What are the chances that your home will be targeted by a crafty burglar? Actually your chances of being burglarized are pretty high. Almost 6000 US homes are being hit by thieves each and every day. And we are just talking about theft at this point. Imagine how many crimes are being committed in the country if you added all of the statistics together.

stop-burglars-in-greensburgYou can help improve the security of your home and property with the following suggestions:

Install solid doors throughout your home. Those hollow-core models are inexpensive and offer no resistance to crooks. If you cannot afford to replace all of the doors you should at least install solid front and back doors.

Motion detection lighting systems can be installed on the cheap. These lights can prevent someone from attempting to sneak into your home in the middle of the night.

Do not make it a habit to leave the door (that leads to the garage) unlocked. This is almost as bad as issuing a personal invitation to a crook.

Keep tabs on the locks and doors that are in your home. Repair, replace or update any of these items that are broken, weak or faulty.

A push-button lock is no security. These can be unlocked in a matter of seconds.

Home security systems let you get the drop on the crooks. These monitoring systems will alert the police if the perimeter of your home is breached. If you are at home when a crime is being attempted you will instantly be connected with the main security offices. Someone is going to see that police assistance is on the way. There are even some home alarm systems that will respond to any critical emergency whether it is a fire, crime or a medical emergency. (more…)

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Greensburg IndianaLiving in Greensburg Indiana is one of the safest places in the country. With very low crime rates and a community that works together Greensburg is focused on safety. Greensburg provides a safe town environment through a few key initiatives.

First they have a strong police force. This creates a police presence that is well respected in the community. The police attend community meetings and work with the schools so that students understand and respect what police officers do in the community. Special training is provided to deal with important issues like domestic violence along with prevention measures to keep crime at a minimum. Additionally, the police have a quick response time to all home security systems monitoring calls. The police encourage the residents of Greensburg to invest in a home security system. A great resource where residents can view home security system comparisons is

Secondly they have active neighborhood watch groups. These neighborhood groups meet monthly and discuss areas for improvement. Having neighborhoods come together as a community provides watchful eyes that work in conjunction with police for crimes that do occur. Their presence is a great deterrent to potential criminals as they know the entire neighborhood is looking out for one another. Having neighbors watch out for one another is the best way to fight neighborhood crime.

Third Greensburg provides resources when incidents do occur. Unfortunately no town can be 100% crime free. It is important that we provide services for victims of crime as well as services for activities that lead to crime. These include things like truancy and drug rehab services. We also have a battered women’s shelter, a rape center, and a strong social services department for families that are in need.

Lastly is investing in the community. Many years ago Greensburg began the downtown revitalization project. This project has focused on improving the aesthetics of the downtown area, improving town safety, and improving the town’s infrastructure. As a result Greensburg has been recognized as a safe and historical town in the Midwest.

The revitalization project has brought new business to the town and established and beautiful and safe area for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Not only has the historical downtown been revitalized but the project has also included the revitalization of the 19 county parks. These investments have provided strong recreation programs for its residents, along with a safe and well lit place for families and residents to enjoy the outdoors.

This money has been invested wisely and has resulted in a sharp reduction in crime. Children have safe places to spend their afternoons, when they are finished with school and these activities are keeping children out of trouble. Juvenile crime has been reduced by over 40%.

There are now both organized activities and recreational activities that occur year around. With rec centers offering many sports including swimming, basketball, baseball, softball and skate board parks, and children can use the facilities after school, on the weekends and during the summer months. This creates an environment where learning and staying active are encouraged and supported.

Greenburg is excited about the progress being made that is not only keeping the citizens safe, but providing positive activities for children to be involved in.

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Greensburg2Greensburg Indiana is known as a historical town. It has been nationally recognized for its historic downtown area and takes great pride in showing off its beauty to residents and visitors alike. In addition to the downtown area, there are also lots of outdoor parks in the county. A total of 19 well maintained parks along with activities on Lake Santee, provide a wide range of outdoor and fitness activities that can be enjoyed year around.

Lake Santee and the adjoining County Park provides ample entertainment during the summer months, but is also widely used during the spring and fall months. Some people go to people watch. There are lots of park benches for those who just enjoy being outdoors. For active children and adults there are hiking trails, camping, playgrounds for young children and ample walking, jogging and biking paths. Some are built as wide sidewalks and others are dirt nature trails. There is also a beach area for swimming and the usual water activities which include boating, fishing, kayaking, and canoe and paddle boat rentals.

Greensburg, Indiana isn’t known for being the most urban area so we have a lot of residents that live off the beaten path. Since it gets really cold here in the winter we love catching up with our favorite tv shows and watching sporting events. Unlike other areas we don’t have a availability of cable Internet service to all homes in the Greensburg area. Many of our residents rely on satellite Internet to their online connection. Most also have DirecTV or DISH as opposed to a cable company.

In addition to the lake area there are 18 other County Parks that offer a wide range of activities. These include greenways that are built for walking, running and biking, while preserving the natural environment at the same time. As you travel these paths look for markers which talk about the trees and wildlife that are found in the area. These trips can provide both physical activity and educational information.

Playgrounds and picnic areas are available in all of the parks and create a great setting for enjoying nature and spending quality time with family and friends. It is a relaxed place that will make you feel like you have taken a trip much further away than the close proximity the parks provide. Add other activities and you will frequent these beautiful county parks. (more…)

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